Sunday, October 2, 2011

staple guns and the like.

no, i'm not working on my wingback chair yet.
aren't you disappointed.
[well, those of you who remember those posts around this time last year, el oh el.]
lovely blade.
the other night . . . oh. wow. september 22 . . . i went out to the shop and had ben let me try my hand at putting canvas on a frame for a painting that i have yet to start. :)
yes, the staple gun and me had a date.
i never thought that day would come.
it was almost as freaky as i'd imagined it to be.
and there's the brother.
doing the corners that i have no clue how to do.
get this: he's starting to read this book by ted dekker and tosca lee, and after seeing the cover, he made this with the woodburner:
he's done icons from robin hood bbc and ted dekker's circle series, and people love those.
also, [continuing the shameless plug] if you ever want a beautiful wood pen, here is where to get them.
also, a random fact: i'm really psyched about getting to see the civil wars again in november . . . :)
this was our first time. flippin' amazing. mhmm.
i hope you all had yourselves a good sunday. the whole day was gorgeous like this for us:

what was something special that happened in your day?
p.s. read this blogging/relationships post by jeff goins. it's so good.


Natalie said...

One of my favorite civil war song! Yea! And I love the shot with you and the staple gun! lol! =D

chambanachik said...

Cool! I didn't know you stretched your own canvasses!