Friday, October 14, 2011

i love old people.

. . . makes me think of gram. and grandpa jack, who died when mom was still young.
dangit, those people in that picture are freaking cute. [rach just said she could see me doing that someday. hahaha . . . thanks.]
here's the post where i found it.
bohemian bowmans always has it spot-on. gosh.
i so do what she does . . . imagine what they were like when they were young; the tough and happy, bright spots they went through to get here, everything. life is just precious.
so . . . has anyone missed me?
el oh el.


Anonymous said...

Old people are cute... your post totally made me miss my grandma haha I was going through some old pictures last night and totally laughed out loud with some of the memories. :)
I did miss you! Where have you been anyway?

P.S: I posted a video! Not sure if it's a videolog or... hahaha just a video of when I went rappelling with some friends last week. :)

kate said...

this picture is so sweet. old couples are literally the cutest thing ever<3

chambanachik said...

Of course, of course, of course we missed you!! :)

gina lou said...

Oh man, meeee toooo! I'm so happy the world has ones like us to love on the elderly! I also love disabled, my heart longs to be with them!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you were gone!! what were you up to?!
That picture is precious.. ahh old people..
I wonder what my hubby and I will look like when we're old..