Monday, October 31, 2011

pumpkin. butter. cake. [and life. surprise.]

saturday night [october 22], lyddie and i made this.
you knew it was time for another food/recipe post, didn't you?
wow, this was when my hair was still
mmm, butter :)
what was i doing here when rachel got it into her head to get this capture?
probably writing someone special . . . and reading blogs while waiting for this good stuff to finish baking. :)
short story, you should make them.
you really should.

on the other hand, this has been one of the best mondays ever.
paint, coffee, grandpa nate [an old family friend] coming over for lunch, and spontaneous errand trips with my brother, ben . . . plus writing someone, and bible study tonight . . .
yes. a very good monday.
even with all the clouds and no visible sun.
i don't normally call mondays good, even those with tons of coffee in them. but this day . . . yes, this day is very good.

what [small or big] thing has made this day good for you?

know how to live the time that is given you.
[dario fo]


LeAnna said...

I love everything about this post. The warmth of the lighting is almost magical and cozy. Sometimes the little things are the greatest, huh?

Natalie said...

OK, this recipe, I gotta try.

-Rachel said...

Definitely someone special. ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

chambanachik said...

Someone sounds mysterious... ;)

That all looks divine.

Miss Caroline said...

The pumpkin butter cake looks really good!