Thursday, May 13, 2010

farmer's markets... and recipe for potato-broccoli-mmmm. :)

Evening walk done, Bigelow French Vanilla tea in my thermos, I'm ready to blog for the first time in what seems like a long time. ;) And no, that's not how I always look when I sit down to blog. Feel better about yourself.
My feet have this weird feeling of stress and numbness because I walked that 1 1/2 miles tonight in flip-flops, not my Converse-looking tennies. Darn. Not doing that again.

This has been a lovely day walking around the lastings of a farmer's market in the cool chilliness with Mom, Anna and Lyd. We bought a thing of basil-flecked farmer's cheese, and a sliver of this really expensive stuff that tasted something akin to a more aged-tasting Parmesan. It was $26 a pound. 
Youch. And the guy selling it was nice, but it was funny because he practically gave us a whole sermon on their organization as co-producers and everything else under the sun, including where the big farmer's markets are in the huge cities an hour or so away...which of course we'll be taking a "field trip" to, sometime this summer. Wow, it'll be a day event, and tons of pictures of succulent produce and plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and hopefully some odd veggies or something too. :) Gosh, I'm looking forward to it already.
So anyways. Wow, I'm getting bugged by the bangs in my eyes as I type. Need a bobby-pin. Last night we did get our hair cut, Anna and I. Hers, is shorter than she's ever had it, and mine --since Miss Joann loves long hair and would have hers so if it was thick enough-- was snipped at the ends just enough, and a good fresh cut for long-type bangs. While Anna kept saying shorter, shorter, I kept telling Miss Joann, you still have me, and holding my hair out from my head. So she did the most minimalist snipping ever on me. ;) But gosh, I feel the difference. The ends were getting dry, and well they should be, since I've not gotten a trim since December...
See those bangs on the side? That shorter stuff? Golly, can it get in the way. 
But anyhow.
Onto the recipe, aye?

Potato-Broccoli Curry
Take a few bunches of broccoli, chopped in bite-sized little-tiny bunches, and steam them in a pan. I did 'em in a drizzle of olive oil with a bit of water. 
Next, dice up some cooked potatoes. If you want to, peel them. We don't have picky eaters, so I left the skins on. Then...throw those potaters in with the broccoli, IN a big pot. Then sprinkle curry powder over that, don't worry, it takes quite a bit to actually taste the flavor, and let me tell you. Don't let the look of this fool you. It's good. Add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, too. When Rachel walked in the kitchen and heard what I was making, she made a gross face. But she ended up sneaking bites later, ya know? 
*sigh* What can I say. It turned out good. 
Then after the curry powder, while the stove is still warming it all, salt it good...and pour in one can of coconut milk. It's amazing. You don't even taste the milk. It's funny. But that's what I looooove about curries. At least, the ones we've made so far;)
Alright. I had a few of these today.
Can you say... bella? [Italian for the next word, not for that Twilight wimp girl] beautiful? yumminess?
Then, Mom, Anna, Lyd and I went and visited the family of the little boy that died a few weeks ago...
We ran a couple errands before going there...
I got the largest size cup that Caribou has to-go, got whatever they were brewing, and dribbled some half-and-half and a packet of sugar-in-the-raw. Stir, stir, sip. My favorite.
Yeah...I don't drink just one large coffee, I drink three. 
It was a great joke, and when I made the simple observation vocally, just sitting there with Anna and Lyd, Anna commented that it would be a great picture. 
So I ran for my camera in the van a block away.
And this is what Anna was inspired with...before we went to Caribou...churches are wonderful places for pictures, let me tell ya?
I win! I posted this before 12am! Yes!!!! 
11:59pm.... G'night. :)


Chana said...

You are seriously so beautiful! Ugh! I hope you know how pretty you are! I love the photo's by the church! And the recipe is making me hungry as usual. Sometimes I imagine myself being your neighbor and taking walks with you guys...I'm such a dork! Haha!

heather said...

Oh wow that curry looks so good. Copying the recipe down to try. And I love how you clarified the bella reference. In case you have a die hard twilight fan among your followers. it. ;)