Wednesday, November 2, 2011

links. :]

i found a new site earlier. a guide to women. a blog for men. now, i've only read about 3 posts so far from her, so i'm not like, well-versed in her world/relationship views. but....dude! i love sites like these...
amusing....informative in a quirky way...
yeah, i found the link off a comment on this post by ragamuffinsoul. heheh. all around fascinating. ;)

now for links. yay!
a random one: jessica, from bohemian bowmans, wrote a thing on christians and cussing.....that's always an interesting topic. heh.
the keeper.
thankfully, she admits "take all of these with a grain of kosher salt.  they will appear in varying degrees and manifestations...... i realize that i’ve made her sound like the unicorn of womanhood....." amen. :)

the keeper: testosterone edition.
i love the comments.
the comment section on most posts are nearly, if not better, than the actual post. :)

in life news:
this morning, anna and i went to meet heather at a coffee shop [independently owned place, heckyeah!] so anna and heather could talk wedding plans....
i sat in a leather love seat and curled up with the yada yada prayer group book that some ladies in my church are reading and discussing tomorrow night....oh, and let's not forget the 2 20oz cups of coffee i had within those couple hours. :]
wonderful days, i tell ya.
still can't believe our dear friend is
a wedding!
oh my. :)


in other random news, i fell asleep last night with a letter --uh...correction: rant-- to starbucks going on and on in circles in my head.
something like....

dear starbucks,
you are fast losing my love for your coffee.
your beans are burnt.
it's not a pleasant experience anymore, your brew, in-store or otherwise.
too dark, too harsh, not smooth....
hmm......i miss that anodyne coffee....definitely should stock up on that sometime that stuff was a beautiful thing to wake up to, anytime of day.
i mean, honestly!
just the other night, i was talking to a lady who worked at a place that served starbucks...and while she said she enjoyed working with people and coffee, she mentioned in a muttered sentence how starbucks beans and brew are not that satisfying of an experience. [my more detailed paraphrase.]
i think some people are afraid to say such a thing.
or else, they just don't know better; or don't notice; too busy getting a bit of caffeine for their lifestyle to notice smoothness, pleasantness in the mouth. mild. nutty. deep, but not harsh and biting flavors.
anyone else have anything to say about that?? or am i the only one who chooses to spend spare moments thinking about coffee and the depth of taste and not the next to-do list........heheheh. :)

happy november, by the way.
is there something you're looking forward to this month, in particular?


Dana B. said...

I agree!!! Starbucks coffee used to be much, much better - or at least so I remember it! I used to absolutely adore Verona but lately it's just been meh. I though I might be either becoming a coffee snob or hating coffee - I'm glad you've noticed, too! I'm not crazy!

(And honestly, I've been drinking instant coffee in the morning now because I can't find a blend I like and it's not worth it making a pot of brewed coffee I don't even like. I know. Instant. Coffee. Nasty - but that's what I do now.)

Dannelle Meyers said...

I lost my taste for Starbucks a long time ago. It sucks, they used to be so good. I find enjoyment now in supporting local smaller coffee shops. They still care how their coffee tastes.

chambanachik said...

I have to say, I love Starbucks coffee...but the prices keep me from ever going there!

Jeanne said...

Not a Starbucks fan, it does taste burnt. We like Dunkin Donuts coffee best or McDonald's. Just had to chime in.