Sunday, January 9, 2011

the civil wars: amazing.

sunday posts are allowed and even meant to be short.
i have the john study to catch up on big time, and that list of books still yet to be written.
and more tea to be drunk.
and the last episode of primeval to watch with the siblings this afternoon sometime.

haven't eaten anything since an orange and some coffee this morning....around 7:30-8.
so maybe i should remedy that problem.
fried egg and salsa sounds good.
oh! go check out this post about audrey hepburn by where we love is home... :) 'tis good.
and....a melancholy-sounding but beautiful version of you are my sunshine, also done by the civil wars:)
her voice is amazing, is it not??
oooh, i'm loving c'est la mort.
supposedly they're coming out with a full length album sometime.......
a fact i'm very happy about. it's soooo mine. ♥


Kelsey said...

I used to drink tea ALL the time. I miss it. I think I will take it up again, thanks to you. :)

Beka said...

that's grand:)