Wednesday, February 8, 2012

dead people.

[tuesday, february 7]
"ya know, beka, this dude on the 10 dollar bill is pretty good looking."

"hmmm. let me see what you're talking about."
i break away from stirring potato slices in sizzling butter.
glance at the greenback lyddie holds out to me.
"ah! yes. i remember thinking that guy was pretty attractive myself."
she smiles. examines it again.
 "hmmm. and lincoln wasn't that bad either. but there was that one dude--some of those dollar bill faces are sick. ugh. so ugly."
example of an unattractive president:

this is how cultured odd we are. my 11 year old sister. talking about how attractive dead presidents are or aren't.
i laughed as i shook some cayenne-salt on the potatoes.
"i can't believe we're talking about dead people."
"psh, it's not that weird."
ahh, goodness. i love siblings.


vintch said...

you know, i totally see it. powerful and a strong jawline? yes.

Natalie said...

In this case Beka... you are weird. (LOL!)

The Freckled Fawn said...


Christina said...

That made me laugh!! Yeah that first guy beats the rest.

Whitney said...

haha hilarious!!!
I vote for the hottie on the 10 dollar bill =)