Monday, February 20, 2012

this weekend. :)

friday night:
10:30ish pm he got here.
i am ridiculous. and he's blurry.
you gotta love it when you can be your weirdo self with someone and they love you for it, not just in spite of it. :)
saturday night:
scrabble and bananagrams with the fam.
everyone was getting tired around 9pm, so i used a few letters sitting around justin's pile to add to his vine of words.
like changing win to winery immediately. i did not add the s to that. it needs an apostrophe. ;)

we. were. tired.
i brewed coffee sunday morning around 7:30-8, and painted a canvas for a gift at a bridal shower that mom was going to.
4pm-ish. strangely enough, everyone was either outside, or napping. or, as anna was: at the theater with girlfriends watching The Vow.
so i made use of my long arms and here we have it. lol.
i don't know; still trying to decide... ;) but i kinda like him.
davidcito hugged us. he wanted to be in all the pictures rach took.
sunset light. goodness gracious.
at least the little guy was smiling for this one. hah. the next was crazy. :)
rach has a knack for catching some awesome sun flare.
who's up for some dancing in the middle of a small town road?
gotta love it when the younger photographer sister gets her boss on.
go dance.
right there.
in the road.
now dip her.
can you dip her?
why, yes.
and that was the near-ending to my weekend.


Natalie said...

Good grief, you two are cute! ;) Glad to see the weekend was an overall success!

Samantha said...

Aww you guys are so sweet together!
Beautiful post full of memories for you guys! Thanks for sharing!

Whitney said...

You guys are tooo cute!!
And uh... your dining table is quite painted up there haha I LIKE IT!

chambanachik said...

Just the sweetest. :) I LOVE that first photo. Profile picture!!

Hanna said...

haha so cute! I am giggling with sappy excitement for you!
I love the last photo! SOOOOOOO PRECIOUS!

The Freckled Fawn said...

Jon and I dated long distance way back when. I remember how my weeks seemed like nothing compared to those weekends...and waiting for them was so hard. They always when by too quickly and seemed few and far between. I know its hard.

Hugs to you and these long week days (and weekends) in between seeing your love.