Saturday, February 25, 2012

four year olds.

danny and crystal; not siblings...their parents are kinda together. ish. 
nor really. kinda. that's how we've got them both today while their parents work. lol.

encouraging 4 year olds to share is fun......
me: "no whining about it....we're gonna share and be happy!"
danny: "is that like Happy Feet?"
me: um. "yeah. Happy Feet shares. and he's happy."
danny: "no, Happy Feet doesn't share." he gives me a look like he knows everything.
me: "oh yes he does."

sometimes i'm washing dishes, music is going, and the children are running in and out of the kitchen simply because we don't have the tv on with anything that interests them so they're running off energy with little hands grasping slices of granny smith apples and they're smiling, and they tell me something as i turn my head, and i didn't hear it all but i say something anyways: be careful.


Natalie said...

lol! They're adorable!

ladaisi said...

Tee hee, so adorable. Gotta' just love little kids.

Bethany said...

I have a four-year-old. She rocks my socks off. Looks like those two would too. :)