Sunday, February 12, 2012

the eve of my 21st birthday.

the best and simplest parts of love, i believe. patient. kind.
and my hand was holding a mug of coffee, by the way. you can't see it though. :P
i wrote this on my arm.
for the heck of it, and because pastor was talking about marriage and selfishness/selflessness today in honor of valentines day. [speaking of which, here's a post of 5 lessons learned after 18 years of marriage.]
we had dinner.
i grabbed the yarn a lady from church hand-dyed and gave me a year or more ago, plus an I-9 sized crochet hook and the pattern i printed off the other day in hopes of making a hat with nothing at all wrong with it.
i haven't crocheted in the longest time.
actually, since october.
yeah. that post. with the mohawk. thingy. going on.
[speaking of old posts --or oldish posts-- i miss that shade of dark red/ gosh darn fun....]

we'd been talking about it while recalling different chick flicks with cousin david, so i found a walk to remember on the dvd shelf and put that in.
i was the first one to sit down, and everyone else slowly came and nestled wherever they could on the couch, the chairs, etcetera. it never happens that way. i hardly ever watch movies anymore.
i got to about round 5, and the increase in stitches was wonky, so i gave up and pulled most of it out before i wound it around, around, around and mom helped me get the knotted stuff free and able to be wound.
that movie is sad.
mi dispiace, i don't have many brilliant thoughts tonight; i'm even having a hard time catching typos and wrong words that shouldn't be where they're ending up . . . i guess going to bed at 1am how many nights in a row and waking at 6:40 on a gorgeous sunday morning will do that to ya . . . kind of . . . yeah.
i love carter hulsey's music.
my other favorite song by him [maybe if it rains] . . . << this link is actually a really really good cover.

oh. and a few highlights of saturday:
1. lyddie, posing cuteness.
2. me, trying to pose in the freezing outdoors.
3. rach, her 35mm, and . . . yeah.
4. heath, kelly, anna, steph, shannon, and me, at heather's bridal shower. :) only 20-something more days till the wedding . . . of course she's counting down. ;)

a happy thought.
caramel breve, extra shot.

. . . and even though the sky is better seen with your own eyes . . .
ben borrowed my camera with a tripod and took this:
since it's only 11:06pm and i like to be adventurous, i'm going to stay up till my birthday hour. 12:20am.
yeah. plus, someone amazing has to wake up at 1 anyways to work overtime hours, so i'll get to hear his voice and basically the first happy-birthday of my day . . . :)
the thought makes me smile.
to stay awake [did i mention i'm slightly crashing? no? well....] now, i'm going to either edit and update the peoples page, or go upstairs and journal some horribly pointless, jumbled up sap trying to talk about another year even though the actual day doesn't actually matter; it's all the days between that make you feel it.
color, color, color. this was february 6. ^^
no one has to tell me that this is a tired, and very-very-very random post.
i figured it'd just be good to post some life stuff and write a bit.

here, you can find last year's birthday-day post. fun, fun.

when we seek to discover the best in others,
we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.

[william arthur ward]


chambanachik said...

I hope you have a beautiful birthday. :)

Natalie said...

You and my sister have the same taste in boots! (haha!)

charla beth said...

this post made me so freaking happy to read.

1. love love LOVE that star picture. oh my word, i'm so jealous.

2. those photos of you with the bow in your hair and your cartilage piercing? so sweet. you are beautiful.

3. "...the actual day doesn't actually matter; it's all the days between that make you feel it."
so, so good.

and lastly but most importantly? i hope you have the most beautiful 21st birthday you could possibly imagine<3

love you girl.:)

*Lizzie* said...

Happy 21st birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday and I pray that God would bless you this year of your life ;)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Happy 21st birthday to you, I hope you have an amazing year!

Christina said...

Happy 21st Birthday!!! :) :) :)

ladaisi said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! 21 is just the beginning of things.