Friday, February 3, 2012


i have 601 published posts and 22 drafts. i haven't been posting at a normal or decent record lately. just a few facts for you.

makes me happy posts.
pretty darn inspiring.
especially considering the facts that i'm looking forward to so many things, learning to rest in trusting God and His timing and just who He is, but i've started to let little things slip away.
so. with no further delay . . .

things that have made me ridiculously happy this week:

the smile my younger sister/s gives me when we share a sibling moment telling each other 'you're weird'.
and the laughing that comes afterwards.

the morning's hot shower. that feeling of a new day starting. clean.

the freshly-cleaned off kitchen counter. my ocd tendencies satisfied.

the loud, obnoxious hum of the coffee grinder in my hands. anticipation and enjoyment of my obsession. :)

attempting to accomplish how many push ups while the coffee brews. exercise, keeping in shape, who's heard of it? psh....not me.....

the sound of someone's really tired voice on the phone at the end of a long day... and the good-natured argument over when exactly he should go to sleep because he's so exhausted, or if he should stay up like he wants to/wishes.
the laughing that comes when either person wins the argument.

how about you? what has been making you ridiculously happy this week?


The Freckled Fawn said...

lol, pushups and coffee:P

Natalie said...

...oh, you don't even want to know how many draft I have on my blogger account!

charla beth said...

this is the sweetest<3 you have such a way with words, my dear.

ladaisi said...

So many perfect things to be happy about! I love this post. Especially the bit about getting your ocd tendencies satisfied. I am so the same way.

meesch said...

oh my gosh a freshly cleaned counter top is the best feeling ever! Then I never want to get it dirty again though - I actually just bought coasters for my counter top because I hate to see glass 'rings' on my counter top... I hear ya on the OCD tendencies!