Wednesday, February 22, 2012

link love.

i love this idea:
love each other deeply: a valentine's banner.

docs to women: pay no attention to ricki lake's home birth.

an excerpt from "epilogue", the book talked about by joanna in this post over at a cup of jo.

dana, from newlywed's diaries, shared this photo first. it's too good.

linear: never was, never will be.
by kathy escobar, --i'm ever so grateful, because she was linked to/mentioned by sarah at emerging mummy . . . and i do believe she's writing another top-favorite-on-the-list blog.

a lesson from dolores: a meaningful life.
another priceless post by vintch.

this is NOT a food blog! but . . .
by jamie, the very worst missionary.
ohmyword, that looks strangely amazing. but a lot of work. :P

tali and jordan: kiss the groom engagement photoshoot.
her photography just stuns me.

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ladaisi said...

You have good taste. ;)

I love Vintch and Kiss the Groom.