Monday, November 21, 2011

artistic endeavors: coffee types. and faces.

september 7.
i was on a coffee kick in the canvas world. mhmm :)
see the ice cubes? el oh el.
even that one has a face. :)
dang, i wish i could find that lip balm somewhere. rachel perry. best stuff ever. and yes, you read that right: chocolate bliss. :) dangit, internet; can't you find it supplied somewhere for me to buy 3 at a time or any at all? lol
oh wait.
speak of the devil.
i just searched it and found this bull crap deal. 3 lip balms for 23.99 plus 2.00 s&h: on ebay. what the!! that. is. crazy. :P so going to search for a better deal....
and my personal favorite to paint:
today i went to work.
a friend from church owns a store with her husband --good quality, awesome furniture and beautiful wood pieces and taxidermy and all that great stuff. thursday she trained me for four hours, and then her and her husband went up north to enjoy what a lot of people enjoy doing this time of year. :)
ya know. guns and all that.
so i worked from 10-5 on friday, the most blustery, chilly day ever. sold 2 pine candles to a nice couple who were looking at some living room furnishings and a bed frame of lovely aspen.

and then i worked today from 10-5. sold two night stands to a lady who browsed for a long time, then came to me and said "i want those two." sweet customer. really patient and understanding.
funny thing...2:30, no one new coming in, i called ben and we talked for a while....half an hour, to be honest....and it ended with me asking him to bring his self over with the tiny 4-cup coffee maker, coffee beans, the grinder, water, and milk in a jar.
i asked nicely, reminded him how bored i was and how much he loved me/i loved him, and my beloved brother was at the store's door with a box of blessed supplies at the end of the 34 minute call.
all i could do was laugh as he lounged on the office couch and i ground beans, brewed a full tiny pot and offered him some from my thermos because he didn't bring one for himself. :)
quite a memory, even though when anna heard of it she was shocked and appalled [are they the same thing? lol] and may have called me a few things like wimp, weirdo, and princess.
i don't like being called princess.
but anyhow. that's besides the point.

we drank egg nog with whipped cream on top, and watched 10 minutes of a new set of dvds anna bought--more of the business of being born.
ricki lake and/or ina may gaskin....definitely read/watch stuff by them if you're interested in having bebes. el oh el. or...don't listen to me.

after 10 minutes of that, and a few minutes of family time around the table, anna, ben and i set off for bible study 10 minutes away. we're studying philippians with a group of young adults and, this time, pastor chuck is leading it. every week lately, he's had a lot to say that just speaks straight to the heart of stuff me, anna, chelsea, and everyone else are dealing with. it's flippin' amazing to witness something like that weekly. so thankful for how God's spirit moves and He speaks through down-to-earth people of all sorts.

oh. and, because my little sister tagged me, tell me this:
if you could describe me with one word, what would it be?

this night is finished off by writing someone special and listening to the avett brothers on spotify. pretty darn good. i'm thankful for it all.

i have a cherry pie to make for the huge thanksgiving lunch with dad's family thursday, so wish me luck...


chambanachik said...

Gosh. Reading your posts are like drinking a big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles. Or maybe, I should say a mocha. :)

I love it. It's impossible not to smile.

And I'll contemplate the word for a while and let you know. :)

ladaisi said...

I like you.

And what a simply beyond perfect idea to paint faces on coffee cups.

Jeanne said...

Your coffee cups are adorable, I'm looking with new eyes at mine (here at my desk). It's half full of warm French Vanilla and telling me to travel to New York. I may just do it.

Natalie said...

OK, first of all, I love the new painting... but then again I always say that (because it's true). Second... $23?! I could get nearly three sets of Burts Bees lip shimmers for that price with out the shipping... or like seven of their chapsticks! Third... eggnog... I had hoped you'd have higher standards than that. I'm ashamed. (lol) One word... does down to earth work? I know that's technically three... but... yeah.

Rachel said...

this post is gorgeous. it will never cease to amaze me how you manage to pour so much depth into your posts each and every time.


-Rachel said...

Uhh, hun, you know how uber hard it is to find 1 word to describe YOU, riiight?
So here i am thinking and thinking.
I thought of; Night Owl. :)
haha i know, not really a *good* word.
Too bad! :P

charla beth said...

that canvas is so stinkin cute, i can't get over it! i love the irish guy with his little patch of hair.

and one word...gosh, that's so hard! but i think i'd have to go with gorgeous--and that's inside and out. another word i could use would be pure. :) of course, those don't do you any amount of justice, but it's the best i can do with my limited knowledge of the english language. :p just know that you're a very dear human being to me with one of the most gorgeous souls i have yet to meet. and i mean that.