Thursday, November 17, 2011

post title: link love.

i want to go to the ocean someday. 
everyone loves photobooths....don't they?
everyone go awwwwww. this thing and its story is freaking adorable.
on another hand, i've become obsessed with jj heller's music on spotify and her favoritest part: decorating. i. love. her. style.

also: awesome or awkward. el oh el. but pretty awesome. hahaha.

". . . what does that mean, sharideth?  thank you for asking.  i will explain." 

gosh, i love sherideth. i haven't said that before, have i?
breaking down marriage: part 1.
"without perfect people, there are no perfect marriages.  what there is, that is always consistent, is the value of marriage.  a marriage doesn’t lose it’s value over time.  people lose their desire to respect that value."
i know a lot of people who should read that. oy.

well, it's 11:16pm and my crazy, crazy sister [rach] is making pumpkin pie.
and the other night, she made pumpkin pie at around this time, too.
1. if i don't absolutely have to be...

2. if i was kept up by uber hilarious sister bonding time [like pumpkin pie or cheese quesadillas and hot salsa at 1am...see below pictures for reference] . . . . . how on earth is quesadilla not in Word's dictionary?! :P

i'm not an early bird.


Dana B. said...

JJ is amazing, isn't she? I was psyched when I discovered her blog a few months ago (can't wait for her baby to be old enough so she can start writing again:) - she's just adorable.

charla beth said...

you will go to the ocean someday...and hopefully someday soon. :) maybe even to come out and visit me!

haha, i love that note you left on the crossword puzzle. so cute.

p.s. you're giving me a hankering for a quesadilla right now!