Friday, November 18, 2011

a short love story in stop motion.

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

here's some loveliness for you.
watch it. i got it from marisa's twitter. thank her.
i love the different sort of art.
and the light. and the story.
and...seeing it all happen in less than 5 minutes makes me want to cry.
just like the first half hour of that darn movie, up...
*sniff sniff*

reminds me a little of this...which i found on jessica's gem of a blog: words fitly spoken.
i went through every page till i hit the beginning.
it's all good. :)


Marisa Hopkins said...

AW <3 isn't it the best???

chambanachik said...

Oooh, loved it!

Natalie said...

Aww! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

This is really cute. You always find these gems out there in the internet and bring them to public awareness haha love it. :)

charla beth said...

that blog? wow. i'm obsessed. i think you + her blog are inspiring me to make a similar blog. everything about it just makes me feel good. <3 thank you for sharing.