Tuesday, November 29, 2011

link love.

i want to go there.
cannon beach. oregon. ahhhhh. there's something about oregon that lures me.
the ocean.
coffee shops.
a loved one.
new experiences...
i feel it's all promised in a trip there.
someday, maybe.

good ol' volks.
gosh, that post and all its pictures makes me want to have one..re-do the inside a bit, then travel a little while by the coast or something.
wake up in your own little place . . . look out the window to see the ocean on the shore, the sun shining, sparkling on the water, bright in your eyes.
reminds me of the song world traveler, by andrew peterson.

oh little me, it's okay.
i've been completely, steadily, obsessively, and restfully devouring vintch's blog.
i just love the sweetness, the beauty, the realness.

i will be sweet for you.
melted my heart.

ah! chambanachik is having a lovely spree of giveaways, so please head on over there and check them out as they roll. :)

my problem with christmas.
i completely and utterly sympathize. i'm in the exact same boat. me and abbie are definitely related somehow. :P

douse the sunrise, a new edition, is now available on my etsy shop. :) just an fyi.

and crazy people who make perfume that smells like gathering apples. sounds appealing, i must say. that, and the summer kitchen one...

new house textiles: aprons.
i don't know what it is . . .

i adore their sweetheart tablecloth. oy.
and scroll curtains...
yeah...going to exit that site now...
i hope you have a wonderful wednesday :)


chambanachik said...


Thank you for the shout out. :)

And I agree that Oregon is very beautiful. And that Vintch is wonderful. :)

vintch said...

oh what a wonderful, sweet post. thank you for the link love:) and i love your new "douse the sunrise" quote! you are beyond talented, and i'm so glad to call you a friend.

Abbie said...

haha, woot! Featured on Beka's blog! lol. I'm so glad you can relate. Definitely pretty sure we're related somehow... sisters separated at birth perhaps ;) Or long-lost cousins...

charla beth said...

aww, i love this post! :)

i used to be obsessed with oregon, myself...portland, especially, with all it's art and coffee shops and gloomy mystery. like you, i still have yet to go there. and i just know you'll make it out someday soon. <3

"look out the window to see the ocean on the shore, the sun shining, sparkling on the water, bright in your eyes."--just gorgeous. you have quite the way with words, my dear.

isn't vintch the sweetest? i just adore her posts; i could read and re-read her archives for the rest of my life. i see you feel the same. :)

umm and now you made me put that andrew peterson song on repeat...i love it! it speaks deeply to my heart. thanks so much for sharing.

that quote about the roses vs. diamonds? melted my heart. definitely a keeper.

ha, and abbie's post...love love LOVED it. her honest humor is so refreshing.

&& i hope you start feeling the Christmas spirit soon.

The Freckled Fawn said...

you know...I only live a little over an hour from that rock...hint hint