Saturday, November 12, 2011

the civil wars, second time 'round.

well, i guess i better blog about the concert before i forget about it.
tuesday night, if you weren't informed by earlier blog posts of mine, was a concert. the civil wars, to be exact.
 anna, martha, chelsea, and yours truly.
we took a few girlfriends along.... :) they'd never heard the civil wars before.
waiting . . . waiting for 8 o'clock to come.
the opener band was . . . milo greene. [never heard of them or anything before this.]
well, it kind of stunned me.
they were so. good.
i just waited, through the first couple songs, for them to turn eh, but it never happened.
see, the civil wars had someone really odd and random open for them last time they came --in april-- it was this lady singing blues with her super-freaking-loud electric guitar and one song i remember especially well because the lyrics were weak and to make matters worse, the chorus was full of f-words.

so back to this band.
it was like . . . amazing.
resembled a mix of mumford & sons, and gungor --the band i've been obsessed with lately.
the guys swapped instruments a few times during their set. talk about fun to watch. :)

mhmm. talk about wicked view of the stage...and a wicked shot my camera took on manual. :D
here. we. go.
ahhh, you need to see them in concert.
it's unforgettable.
why did she laugh?
and how did i catch it all so awesomely? ;)

kidding on the last part.
but firstly, it was between songs, and john paul loosened up his bowtie.
and she commented on it.
i should make mention of the crazy people in the crowd [women, you know.] that had yelled several times earlier "we love you, johnny depp!" and yeah. obsessive people back there in the crowd.
and a positively annoying person who gave the loudest, almost painful whistling between songs during the ovations. uh, thanks lady. that seriously hurts. i won't go into what i wanted to do to that lady.

but really? look at that picture.
it's my favorite from the night.
joy is just too darn adorable.
and this was the day that i was missing having long hair. or the idea of it. because i honestly really love mine short. it matches who i am better.
spazzy. funky. quirky. ;)

poison and wine, yes ma'am.
i was psyched when i saw that i had captured this.
like, really?
one of the best i've ever gotten at any concert. sheesh.
i believe c'est la mort was another one they did with her on the piano.
i didn't listen to the song much until i read the lyrics put to pictures on a blog somewhere random.
it was then i fell in love with it.
at the end, they came back and sang "billy jean", and dance me to the end of love.
and yes, he is indeed looking at my camera.
he did that a few times through the concert. [not trying to brag or anything...hahahah...nevermind.]
so did she--she looked straight at me as she was laughing hilariously at something in their quirky conversation. :)
now for a few pictures from rach's cam. we rock it in the loo, as you can see. ;)
martha really liked mr. baldy.... ;) lol.
martha, me, anna, mum, chelsea, and rach :)
psyched smiles of i-loved-that-concert-so-much-now-i-want-home-and-my-bed-'cause-i'm-tired.

random link love:
trying too hard.
bwahahahha. i love her tips.
take deep breaths and go to your happy place.
who doesn't like that suggestion?

don't be that girl.
yes, sharideth's blog again :)
yes, i know girls who need to read that post. don't we all? :|

21 starbucks flavors that failed.
this first post, i sat here laughing at. ohmyword.

21 more starbucks flavors that failed.
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some of the commenters had me snorting.

one ring to rule them all.
a guest post....on sherideth's blog.
i cannot contain my interest and admiration for her blog. sorry. :)
this dress. i want. it's perfect for swinging. and it's just cute, besides. 


Abbie said...

Incredible shots, Beka. Oh my word. Especially the piano one. Jeez Louise!

Well...? WELL?!?!?! And the name of the opening band was...???

ladaisi said...

Ah The Civil Wars ... so jealous! I saw Joy Williams in concert back when she was blond. I think this style suits her better.

chambanachik said...

Those photos are brilliant! You're such a professional! I love that concert venue, too.

Natalie said...

Still jealous of you =D and those posts of failed Starbucks flavors... too. funny.

Christina said...

That looked like a very fun yet also cozy concert!! It's so fun to go do those kinds of things with the gals.

Anonymous said...

What a FUN night out! I seriously love the pictures, you got lucky with that camera on manual mode ;) or maybe that was just your natural talent for photography hahaha
It's been awhile since I went to a intimate, cozy concert like this... I went to Rock in Rio, but you know, it was "kinda" crowded. lol

charla beth said...

agh, i'm so jealous you got to see them again. i'm sure it was incredible. and um, your pictures are UH-MAZING! seriously, they are fantastic. so many good ones, i just simply can't be forced to pick a favorite.