Sunday, November 6, 2011

just beautiful.

We were alone in the windblown, gently rustic quiet of Montauk (which the sweatshirts refer cheerfully to as “the end,” because it is located at the very tip of Long Island).
We drove to a beach and we sat on the sand in our jeans and sweaters. It was just us. Even the ocean was respectfully softspoken. The beach backed up to dunes that mounded thickly and were packed into bluffs with sharp, untamed edges. Stretches of coarse, reddish scrub brush grew low and defensive over the sandy earth. We were tiny and the world was too big to ever even come close to comprehending.
[kate; eat the damn cake]

that, and seabird music.
heather and derek's engagement photos taken this afternoon [anna and me with cameras in our hands:]
the pumpkin cake bars that turned out to be everyone's favorite, prettymuch.
the sunshine through the clouds near the end of the setting.

the contrast of silver ring on her finger.
her laugh; the way he looks at her.

the windy day and all the laughing.
God's love is the threads that hold my day together. 

music and the lyrics that sometimes comes with it.
it's lovely.


Natalie said...

Looks like you all had a lovely time! And I'm loving the few photos you posted of the couple! =)

Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh wow!! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!!