Thursday, November 24, 2011

Only 9 more minutes, then I wake Dad up.
Him, Caleb and I came home 15 minutes ago…earlier than the rest of the family from the huge family gathering with Dad's side of the family.
I’m tired.
So tired.
Not too full. Thank God for self control. [Finally. ;) ]
When Dad and David come home from the farm, we plan on finishing Capt. America, then starting in on some chick flicks. David says he’s going to stay and wait it out till “he” comes.
El oh el.
So…line up?
Letters to Juliet
Leap Year
Roman Holiday.
Yes. Chick flicks.
And leftover chicken noodle soup.
As we wait for some very dear friends to come . . . there may be a post coming on that. :) Some of you know what I'm talking about . . . It's finally Thanksgiving weekend! YAY!
It looks like it could rain.
Check out D's post on thanksgiving.
Today . . . is a very good day.
I plan on brewing some peppermint coffee after said nap, and cleaning/organizing until Dad and David come home. :)
Then let the fun and waiting begin. :)


gina said...

Happy Thanksgiving hon! Sounds wonderful, have a relaxing nice day!

LeAnna said...

I think there should definitely be a follow-up post. ;)

chambanachik said...

Have funnnnnnnnn. ;)