Monday, January 9, 2012

the day after christmas.

i believe some of you may have noticed a pattern in the titles of my last few posts . . .
i got a brilliant idea the other day to plow through the end of december and post whatever pictures i took each day that are bloggable. ;) so . . . here we go. december 26.
i love the look of cream spilling into good coffee.
yes, i'm weird. i already know that.

devotional and coffee.
the best way ever to start a day.
crazy, cozy socks. :)
the day after christmas, a monday, us girls went to the next town to shop around for sales in a certain store; but first we dropped by grandma flower's house. [she lives on some land with goats, sheep and chickens, with her husband, grandpa herb. :)]
we were held there for more than an hour, still wrapped in our coats and petting her jack russel [or whatever that cute dog was], captivated by her chatting up a storm about not so random history and how mom and her know everyone in the town and surrounding areas and how things used to be and the pros and cons of modern day versus olden days and life quality and homemade things and internet and malls and franchises and dances and people who don't dance and on and on we listened and she talked and i smiled because this isn't everyday that you get to listen to stuff like that from an 80 year old lady who's lived a lot and has all her marbles.
also, a cute piece of furniture in her house that i couldn't help but take a cell phone picture of. i'd leave it white, or paint it a lovely pale gray, or a nice turquoise. it's just too cute. me and anna loved it.

p.s. this post is reeeeeaaaally good.
want to grow your spiritual muscles? a post by jeremy, aka the bohemian bowmans.

p.p.s. ok, so it's 12:16am on january 8 as i publish charger is working on and off [at least it can charge sometimes, still:P] and i'm going to read a bit more of the third book in the 1st big volume of the o'malley series before sleep. :) i was obsessed with those books when i found dee henderson's writings at around the age of 13. anyone else read them before??


Natalie said...

Beholding cream and coffee mingling together is one of the best sights of the world indeed =)

Samantha said...

We have that exact piece of furniture in our dining room. The top has vitamins and meds, the bottom has chips and cereal. :) I don't know where my mom got it...

charla beth said...

ha, i LOVE what you shared about what your grandma had to say about life.

she sounds like a very wise, very sweet woman. :)