Wednesday, January 11, 2012

three days after christmas.

once upon a time, it was december 28, 2011.
crazy, huh?
one nice thing about this year so far is, my hand and brain have adjusted quite well to writing 2012 at the top of my journal entries.
usually i go through quite a bit of adjustment time. and writer's block. and all sorts of other things.
but, it's a good year, and there are things to write about, the words are flowing, there's good coffee, wonderful family, and a best friend who actually seems to like me a lot, and i him . . . :)
so, yes. it's a good year.
goodness me.
no clue what kind of muffin rachel made that morning, but whatever. it looks good, doesn't it??
you know those rare days when you put earrings in just for the heck of it, even though you're not going out into the freezing cold day?
yeah. it was one of those days.
 redoing our bedroom, with lyd and rach: washing the walls...organizing stuff....filling holes with putty. this bedroom hasn't been painted in more than 5 years. maybe 10. so....yeah, it kind of needs a change. we want a change. and i just love paint. :)
lyddie, getting a turn at using the putty. personally, i love that part of redoing the room. but....when your cute littlest sister begs to try kind of have to give in. lol.

we listened to music from my blog . . .
i took a white-washed picture of myself.
and . . . look at that. kitchen stuff . . . talk about oddness. invented in 1968. weirdness.
see that? this is a lower quality [than normal] photo of a magazine page. :P
the idea is, this awesome room.
and the color.
and inspiration.
it says "this is an almost black, charcoal gray that has enough brown in it to keep it warm. it looks like all of those colors, depending on how the light strikes it."

and now for randomness:

i thought this was hilarious. i don't eat breakfast most days; 2 cups of coffee are all i'm hungry for in the first few hours of a day, but whatever. [ya know, someone i know says that coffee isn't a food group. but.....that someone knows that fact doesn't stop me from having just coffee for breakfast. bwahahahha. ;)] the whole post is pretty full of amusing things.
what do you like for breakfast??


Natalie said...

Breakfast? Never heard of it ;D I usually just have a cup of coffee.

*Lizzie* said...

Oh! The first pic of the Bible verse in the book is really cool! Psalm 46:1-3 is one of my favorite Bible verses! :D Awesome!
And how fun! Re-doing your bedroom looks fun ;)