Friday, January 20, 2012

i ♥ sisters. they're flippin' amazin'.

lyddie says she was thinking about flynn rider's smolder here. can't you tell. lol. :)

lyddie: what's the difference between mexico and new mexico?
me: ......let's google it.
lyddie: [huge smile] yeah! because i don't wanna go downstairs and find the meaning in the encyclopedias that weigh 100 pounds!
me: we have any of those?
lyddie: of course. [wink] ...IF you piled them all together, i'm sure they'd amount to about 100 pounds.
me: or more than 100 pounds.
this is us at 11pm.
not too crazy.

lyddie, brushing my hair with water [because that's what siblings do when you've had a hat on all day because you didn't feel like putting hair crap [aka gel, wax, mousse, whatevs] in it, and now you've got hat hair and it's splendid]

me: ow, that hurts. i think you scraped my scalp over there. [gesture]
lyddie: oh, i'm sorry boss. i'll try not to do it again.
me: um...that's alright, [ahem] employee. just don't do it again.

lyddie: yeah, you don't look too good.
me: thanks.
lyddie: you're welcome.

lyddie: your hair! it looks exciting! [to you ignorant folk who haven't seen megamind, this is a quote from there that she uses often on me.]
me: um. sure.

rach, lyddie, me.
lyddie: i shouldn't be telling you this, but we [beka and me] had a very, ahem, personal talk. like, i'm saying so personal. . . . i almost cried.
rach: wow, personal, huh? [cracks joke about personalness] so can't even tell it to yourself. lol.
lyddie: hey, that wasn't a funny joke, rachel. beka's solemn. not laughing. so solemn, like a pig that doesn't get any food.

i love siblings.
have i said that before?
i love my siblings.
except for when i hear, after my hair has been mussed beyond all recognition of seeming like this-is-a-sane-person, such dreaded words . . .
lyddie: where's a camera?

lyddie, putting a pony tail --a tiny one-- in my bangs as i type, distracted from reality.
me, in pain: ow, that hurts! that hurts too much!
lyddie: it's ok. pain for beauty. [gets tiny mirror] wanna see how you look? beautiful. juuuuust beautiful. ;)
me: i can't even see me.

p.s. another blog that features siblings and their awesome hilarity is ladaisi. it's one of the things that got me hooked on her blog. :) :)


charla beth said...

hahah oh my gosh. "like a pig that doesn't get any food." love sibling moments like that:)

Natalie said...

haha! I love that first photo! "Here comes the smolder!"

Whitney said...

Sisters are the best! You guys are too cute!