Tuesday, January 10, 2012

two days after christmas. + coffee and cream.

coffee and cream in high-speed slow-motion.
found here, originally.
so, december 27.
about that day. it was a good day. kind of. yeah.

i mean, who else wants an adorable, energetic mudroom like this?
my brother, ben, is kind of a creative, brilliant carpenter man, ever-growing in his awesome skills.
so i showed this ^^ to him, and he thought it was great, and i told him he needs to make one someday. hahah. he will. :)
it was a tuesday night.
me and rach found a square compact full of some random lip gloss shades, and so we played around and got the camera out. :)
lots of fun, we had. as you can see. ;)
i have no clue what time it was. everyone else was asleep, and we like to get a little crazy sometimes.
just sometimes. ;)

the one quote this certain sister of mine likes to tell me is this:

i smile because i'm your sister.
i laugh because there's nothing you can do about it.


Natalie said...

love the quote at the end! and your sweater is awfully cute! =D

LeAnna said...

That video is stinkin' amaaaazing. And yes, your sweater is cute!