Wednesday, January 18, 2012

link love. and life.

simple ideas. elegance. but nix the cat. i'm not a cat person. lol.

hmmm. open shelving against a fresh wall of a wonderful color. rugged table. mismatched seats.
remember that snowy day to-do list from january 12? well, i did make those cookies . . . they were good.

how to be interesting [in 10 simple steps].
unfocused capture of me and a cousin's little guy. :)
in which [love looks like] a mess.
another emerging mummy post. it's all just gorgeous. and unique. and precious.

coffee. little ones. yeah.
the link below sounds like something to try out . . . :)
homemade pop tarts.
love this song right now. on repeat.
sunday morning january roads. forgotten manual focus. freezing cold.
turning 27: stacey nicole.
a grounded, refreshing point of view.
yesterday, i woke up and it was blizzarding out. heh. i just invented a word, didn't i?
so i painted. and made green tea. [mostly because i was getting so tired of the too-dark espresso roast by st. arbucks. almost like brewing charcoal...] did my laundry. wore a comfy hoodie in the perfect color all day. and today i finished said canvas . . .
i'll have to update the canvas painting section of this web blog of mine someday soon . . . :)

i'm thankful for the building of trust in my Abba.
i'm thankful for breakfast blend that we picked up at the grocery last night.
i'm thankful for technology, even though freezing computers are not my idea of a fun half hour of time.


Natalie said...

I'm not a cat person either =) Lovin' the links!

ginanorma said...

"I'm thankful for the trust building in my Abba" AMEN

I like your updates! It's FAREEEZING HERE TOO, winter storm advisery!
xo sending love...