Saturday, January 7, 2012

the day before christmas.

what happens when you put it on manual focus and forget...
unbeknownst to me, slightly blurry pictures.
what can i say? it was a pretty chilly christmas eve, and i didn't notice the focus setting.
1. my brother, caleb, with great-uncle eugene. hah. i told them to smile and pose. this is what they came up with.
2. anna, laying out a centerpiece. indian themed night. :)
3. grandma t., lifting the cover on a water-filled pot for rice. ;) hahah.
4. grandma t.'s famous apple slices. mmmm.
1. grandpa t. and uncle bob, watching the game.
2. aunt joann, reading. technically, great-aunt joann. grandma t's sister. hah.
3. great-aunt joann and me :) she's a blinker, just like grandma t., so we had to try about 5 times to get a good shot. haha.
4. me and davidcito. :) he was being a clown. this is the best of the few tries i did.
1. davidcito playing with the nativity.
2. turns out not everyone should try to take pictures of bokeh. :P
3. my downfall that night: 7 layer bars, if i remember the name correctly? just a few ingredients: chocolate. coconut. sweetened condensed milk. i'm gone right there. omg.
4. a reflection.
1 & 2: yummmmm. it was better than i was expecting. if i'd had more room [ahem--if i'd exercised self control and not indulged in two whole bars of that stuff] i would've had seconds.
3. veggies before sauteing.
4. also really good.
grandma t, slicing the . . . um . . . no clue what kind of pie that is.
1. anna, giving me The Eye.
2. anna, me, and cousin david. though . . . he's technically dad's cousin, so what's the amended title then? lol.
3. some of the crowd.
4. dad and me. :)
1. lyddie. and the earrings she made to match the theme of christmas dinner that night. :)
2. crappy bokeh shot of the lights on the bushes outside. through the window by the bed that i rested on . . . and fell asleep to dream on . . . for an hour. :)
3. rach, waking me up, playing games on her ipod. kids these days. ;)
4. the crowd, once again!
1. angel food cake and strawberries. ♥ one of my favorite cakes ever since childhood.
2. too many desserts. there is such a thing. ;)
3. grandma t. and her 2nd eldest son, uncle randy. he's spreading frosting on vegan brownies. totally forgot to try those. dang.
4. lyddie and uncle randy--both have birthdays in november, if i remember correctly. :)
1. threads of the centerpiece, and even more desserts. the christmas cookie tray.
2. the cutie seated next to me, by his own free will. davidcito. messing with a couple candles that were blown out.
3. yum.
4. cousin david and rach :) they're favorite cousins.
1. my favorite picture of an inanimate object that night.
2. ben, acting too cool for camera action.
3. ben, smiling.
4. caleb, giving a halfhearted agreement to the shutter.
1. us. being ourselves.
2. rachel. with some awesome people behind her. el oh el.

all in all, a very good night. :)

how was your christmas eve --did you do anything special or crazy, themed dinner, insane presents, different venue, too much or no snow? :)

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Natalie said...

Indian food themed Christmas? How cool! We do a dinner that's all seafood and appetizers =) All cold foods.