Sunday, January 15, 2012

eight days after christmas.

january 2.
the camera was finally picked up, once again; forgotten no more.

it was a monday.
cold, windy, and slightly nasty.
slightly is a nice little word i've been using a lot lately, mainly in favor of my love for sarcasm. ;)
but . . . we were nice and warm in the kitchen. because that's just how kitchen are.
right around 12 or 1, we went up town with mum and lyd; mum had something --a surprise-- to show us.
turns out, there's a hallway waiting for an experimental, awesome-for-experience mural by justin and me. :)
we're going to start on it one of the next times he comes to visit.
we're kinda excited. :)
so after we discussed it with mum, her friend flo, and flo's friend kelly, the owner of most of the building, i took justin and lyd on a walk down the street to get some hot coffee and show justin our town's cute little knick-knack, gifts, cards, kitchen stuff and wine-filled coffee shop.
we got to the doors, and beheld the most horrible, saddening sight.
brown paper in the windows, and on that, a dreary message sharpie marker:
closed until january 7. going out of business sale starts then.
even though it was windy and cold and we wanted to be warm, i stood there just staring for a minute.
i probably said "i can't believe this!" a dozen times.
eventually we started off to warm up in the library for a bit before heading out for the last 4 blocks home.
the library was closed. duh. january 2. only the day after new years. :P
so we walked home. freezing.
i brewed coffee right away, and we warmed up right nice after that . . . even though it was nearing 2 and justin and jacklyn were planning on leaving right around then because of the 6 hour drive home.
jacklyn the cutie was ready to go home to see her grandma [visiting over christmas, but lives in another state] and new puppies. :)
i have not a clue what time it was when this was taken . . . but after she took her bag out to the car, it was still probably an hour before they left.
 chillin' outside . . . literally.
 not quite so chilly.
awesome photographer of the weekend. ;)
his face in this picture makes me laugh every time. :)
another shot of the awesome photographer. heh. heh. :)
lyddie was trying to get something in the kitchen, and told us to move.
so we did. to the back door. hah.
many amusing things, looks, and words were said between us and the rest of whoever walked by us.
a lot of laughing went on. and that's the best way to say see you later. with lots of laughing.
yet another gift.
they left around 3:30pm . . . and . . . cue my post: a few random things from today.

just a note:
my dell is in need of some fixing, therefore no more posts after this, at least i can't promise. lol. might be something random if i do. it might be a week before it's fixed. never know. 


Natalie said...

I hate it when a favorite store of mine goes out of business! So. Depressing.

The Freckled Fawn said...

lol. I like his ever so suave face too:P funny guy. Also, your sis, classy car window photo there:P

chambanachik said...

Prettiest necklace!

vintch said...

looks divine. being with the ones you love makes even the chilliest of temperatures bearable.