Friday, January 13, 2012

five days after christmas.

it was december 30.
gift time . . . one of the good pictures that was taken.
a gorgeous, utterly perfect willow tree figurine: promise. :)
a friday.
a sleepy, beautiful, wonderful friday.
it was a friday comprised of sitting in the kitchen, right there, drinking coffee and eating breakfast.
hanging out on the couch looking through albums put together by gram how long ago, pictures of her travels to different states and parts of europe. :)
eating cuties with lyd. [cue the laughing right here, for those who witnessed it.]
then, that evening, after dinner . . . we went climbing. :)
my brothers, ben and caleb, had gone climbing before with our friend from bible study. he works there [ know what they say about connections, lol], and so we got in there and turned on our own music and had a grand time. ;)
yes. stylish is the first word that comes to mind when i see this picture.
actually, psyched is the word, honestly.
it was right before we went to pick the different parts of the wall we wanted to climb . . . exciting stuff. :)
rach took this; i guess she didn't like the hats too much. sheesh. she looked adorable in it. ;)
 my brothers, attacking the most difficult wall first. typical. lol. of course . . . this wasn't their first time climbing. heh.
she's. cute.
everything about her. :) 
she was a trooper; constantly trying to get to the top --even the easiest wall was challenging.
jacklyn and rach. :)

and . . . i decided that this is the only other picture evidence i was there, that needs to be posted to this blog.
doing yoga poses after climbing the easy, medium, then easy wall again. three times in all. more than enough for me, considering the first time leaves your forearms tight, trembling, and jelly feeling afterwards.
pretty intense.
a great evening, all in all. :)


Natalie said...

three time?! I'm usually done by one and a half! (lol)

ladaisi said...

Ahhh this looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to rock climb a wall like that ... but for some reason ... never have.

Abbie Miller said...

Ridiculously cracking up right now over how hilariously random that last picture is> LOL!