Tuesday, October 19, 2010

artistic endeavors: contrast ocean.

Once upon a July afternoon….          [before the stars]
[after the stars]
I painted this on July 8.
That, my friends, is insane.
I should be caught up on posting my paintings.
I should be.
Could’ve been by now.
Would’ve been.
Oh well…
I loved painting this one.
It’s like nothing I’ve done before.
Ah, I love this song.
Obviously, part of the inspiration.
Yes. I love this one.
In fact…..I should do a huge version of it sometime……
Now that’s an idea.After I painted it, I sent a picture of this to a friend, Hillary, and she said it reminded her of Genesis.
See?  I totally need a huge version of this hanging on my wall.
It’s awesome.
I, for one, love the contrast.
I bid you goodnight:) I’m off to read more of PS, I love you by Cecelia Ahern. A friend recommended it to me, saying it’s a very emotional book and if I liked the movie the book was way better. So far, it kind of is…quite a few things are different than in the movie. Like family dynamics. Hah.
Anyways, nevermind. I’m tired and my brain is going ack! we need sleep!! what the heck! pleeeaaaase. soon….

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