Tuesday, October 19, 2010

recipe for success.

This was Tuesday, July 27, not too many hours before my laptop had that unfortunate accident. 
Ay yi yi. I hate to remember that day.
But I’m here to give you the recipe for success. Right?
Sure. Right. Of course…
‘Kay, so that’s the ingredients, folks.
:) How I like it.
Wonder where I randomly got the idea from?
Well, I’ve always loved Smitten Kitchen. How ’bout you? So here’s the link for the wonderfulness that is called raspberry brown sugar gratin. Mhmm. You’re very welcome.
That was one heck of a lot of sour cream.
Equal amounts of raspberries (I used frozen, ’cause we’re not that awesome.) and sour cream.
Oh golly.
Mix it up, baby… :)
Get some brown sugar in there….pack it tight. 1 cup. Or deviate and add more.
Because everything is better with more brown sugar. 
All finished. Stuck under the broiler, if I remember right…until the b.s. starts to look amazing and bubbly.
Pair a bowl of that with a mug of something not-so-sweet (my pick was some good, hot, black coffee:) . . . and you’re set. It’s done. Life has finally turned out to be very successful. ;) 

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