Tuesday, October 19, 2010

blog-hopping... and news.

Here are a few blogs I found yesterday while blog-hopping… something I haven’t gotten to do for a while, but hey, I found some really good ones!
She Breathes Deeply: she met her husband at Starbucks. As in, the coffee place. As in…totally perfect. :) I love it. What a brilliant idea that was, God!! (Hint hint:)
I love you to the moon: she’s got the most amazing post about her tattoos. Once again, I love it.
And…. Sometimes Sweet
Um…..that’s about it for now.
Then again, I’ve been reading more of these ladies lately:
I am…many things
not quite crunchy momma
Pretty snazzy. :)
Oh! And the uptown-restaurant/cute food place is closed for a couple weeks, but when they re-open, that’s when we’ll be taking a few of my paintings up there… to hang, and maybe hopefully sometime, someone will buy.
Loveliness. :)

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