Thursday, October 28, 2010 this song:) jars of clay. vintage.

so it goes without saying that you should scroll down, push that pause button on my blog music, and listen to this. maybe. if you want to. it's just, i like this song. a lot. and that album--If I Left The Zoo-- happens to be something i've danced to in the kitchen.
along with this one-- unforgetful you. which, they actually have a music video for. gosh, the guys are so young in that one! and this one. good dancing. not the traditional dancy music you think of... but good nonetheless. and how about this one? collide.
i can't wait to catch up on posting paintings, but the more i say it, the longer it'll be.


Oh Mandie said...

Oh my goodness I feel like I haven't heard that song in ages! I seriously LOVE Jars of Clay, contemporary Christian, but seriously amazing music :)

Mama C said...

Oh, I like this very much!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love Jars of Clay. My honey could have been in the band back in the day. He knew Steve Mason a little. He actually came to his house when he was in high school. TWARTED:)

Angela DiGiovanni said...

oooh, i've heard a few of their songs, but none that sound like this! love the retro vibe. thanks for sharing!