Sunday, October 24, 2010

first "gallery" experience... toffee bars & painting fail:)

Um yeah...we totally had this weird fire thingy in our neighborhood the other night...
It's called Slow Shutter. Dang. The moon in the sky on Wednesday night (white spot near the top) was awesome, but what can I say? I guess I don't know how to handle a camera.... much less Mom's Canon Rebel Xt-somethin'. Oh well. It was gorgeous. And I tried.

Thursday, we went up to that cute restaurant to hang a few of my paintings, complete with the prices on the side, ready and waiting for someone to buy:) Heh.
Pounding nails into the wall...
I chose the spot, Ben does the work.
LOL. That wall was crap.....thinnest drywall ever, but cute place!!
Um...hmm...... yep, just where I want it......
Ben's awesome at pounding nails --me doing such a thing only works about 25% of the time.
So there we go. :)
And back at home, Lyd and I made toffee bars:)
My hilarious and wonderful helper, Lyddie. :)
Toffee bars, oh yes.  (laughs)
....Excuse the mess. :)
Butter, sugar, vanilla.
It's so vain...
Lyd made a song out of it--vain-illa....
Darn. I really need me a good camera.
This is Mom's Canon.......
Da recipe.
Above: a wee bit too crumbly, methinks.
 Okay, so I added a bit of water.
It's what we do to pie crusts, so I thought....
That, my dear, is my version of a double boiler. ^^
Don't judge.
It gets the job done.
And....I never said I was a professional. Or a chef.
Before they got the spatula.
For some reason unknown to me, Ben was putting together an airsoft machine gun of some sort.
When it's all together, I guess it'll look something like that gun he's holding.
I told him "I admire you from the tips of my toes."
And really, I do. Because anyone who can figure that out --heck, anyone who wants to-- has earned respect in my mind. Heh heh. :)

Oh, here. Go check out this lovely family at the blog called Gregarious Peach. Her photography and the stories and birth stuff is a-ma-zing. Truly. So darn creative. And she's Australian. Unbelievably cute:)
Here's a painting fail.
[Yes, there's black paint on my nose. No, I didn't know it until Mom laughed and snapped this picture.]
It was way too busy, but man I had fun with that diamond background. Too bad I didn't just leave it....or do only one word....or just hung it as is. :P It's crazy how unsatisfying (not to mention too busy) it turned out. :(
Ah, well.
Ben made a few huge ones, so I'm really looking forward to working with those. Should be good.
Have a lovely Sunday night:)

p.s. I'm reading this really sweet, poetic book (Flower Patch Farmgirl recommended it) called Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos. Seriously, her writing style is prettymuch lovely:)


April said...

I wish I could paint and it would actually look decent.

I think the smudge of black on your nose is cute!

cristina said...

Firstly, I really like the new look of your blog.

Secondly, every time I open someone's post and music comes on? it annoys me, because then I can't focus and so I always turn it off... BUT yours? I love the music you pick and now I'm just hanging out here so I can finish listening to the song...

Thirdly... My little guy started to dance as soon as the song came on, so obviously I have hang out here with you and watch his cute little self... I wish you could see him....

So yeah.... I love the music.

Christina said...

That's really cool about your art in the restaurant. :) I hope people buy it up!

The pictures of you with the art came out really nicely!