Wednesday, October 20, 2010

curry talk... oh, and other stuff.

Okay, so we're into curries and stuff like that.
Mostly, it's Anna torturing us, her beloved family, with new and cultured recipes.
She sees them randomly, searches for them, etcetera.
Well, mostly it's the guys that are tortured. Because mostly, the curries are vegetarian.
I'm not against veggie people, but ya know, I just really like that turkey dog, chicken-pepper-hummus wrap, and stuff like that a bit too much to give it up.
I can't believe it. I'm actually sitting down to write a concentrated, talk-to-whomever blog post.
Who knew?
It's been so long. Too long. Oh well.

So, on the way home from church tonight, a discussion was started.
Well, okay, mostly it was whining of who didn't like what in curries, since Anna said I should make that lovely slop tomorrow.

(Why on earth do I make slop on Thursdays?? Um... 'cause it's easy, and Anna's out of the house nannying the two chilluns. *gulp* Well, of course I'm talented in the kitchen. I kind of am. I just need to know if we have all the stuff in the house for whatever should be made, and I just happen to not be one of those people who have the grocery list of have-and-need-to-get in my mind at all times. Sigh.)

I'm against the golden raisins in the Moroccan stew Anna discovered last week. It's like, you're chewing these different, sweet and savory flavors and stuff, and suddenly you run into a small, squishy, sweet thing. Ew.
Caleb's against the garbanzo beans/chickpeas.
And....I forget the rest of the vendettas the siblings have.

Don't get me wrong, I like different food from other cultures, tasting new recipes, etc.
What about you?

"There are some curries that are good. There are some that are gag-me. But as long as they don't have garbanzo beans in 'em, I just might be okay eating 'em."
Um, okay, Caleb. But really? The garbanzo beans are like the...the main thing in Slop. Well, besides the rice.
Oh well.
I told him he could make himself an egg and toast for lunch.
That's how the non-tolerants deal around here. Heh heh.
Something random #0--I got to hold this sweetie pie tonight at church. She's just a few weeks old:)
Though, it's Anna holding her here... Serenity:)
. . . . . . . .
Something random #1--It's been so long since I've been on his site, but last night on the spur of the moment I passed it on to a friend while chatting... This is the site I'm talking about. Pioneer Woman Cooks sometimes has his cooking on her site. I revel in the [fill in the beautiful blank] of their pictures.
Oh, and one of my favorites by him --a writing, not a recipe-- is Religion. We all need a reminder sometimes, especially those of us who claim we believe and follow.

Something random #2--I'm really liking this one song by Brian Head Welch. Um...yeah. That guy.
Adonai is one awesome song. The lyrics are what made me start liking it. [Man, he's got some raw lyrics.] He's coming for a concert near us in December, along with one of my favorite bands: Red. So...I thought, since the brothers showed me a song or two they recently got by Brian, I'd better get just a wee bit familiar with the music I'll be experiencing. Heh.
But thank God, turns out I love this song. might not be too crazy for me to enjoy some of it, at least.
This song if like... from Jesus.
I will tie my heart to yours put my head on your shoulders.

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Christina said...

mmm I like curries.
I like you calling people non-tolerants about food haha.

Speaking of music and concerts...I think I am going to a Jars of Clay concert Sat night! I have really liked their new music. I also like their oldest stuff.