Saturday, October 30, 2010

elements combined...


  [bad/lazy hair day warrants a kerchief on the head. for me, anyhow.]

that, my dears, is what my fridays and saturdays are mostly made of.

i really wish "war in my blood" and "elements combined" by fiction family were able to be found on
if they were, you'd open my blog and hear them playing.
[their song "not sure" is a good one, also.]

they're acoustic songs, simply put.
with jon foreman's voice.
mhmmm. 'tis a good thing.
i don't listen to them all the time, so i don't get tired or irritated at it.
anna prefers anyone's but jon's voice. :P
oh well.
they're mellow. and once in a while, that's just a very nice thing.
still reading this book. it's lovely. really, i've written down a few quotes--random parts, really-- in my journal. the woman is a poet, after all. and what's lovely is that this sweet lady who referred to this book in the first place, tells me there's a sequel! i'm really wondering how on earth and what on earth, especially where i'm at in this book...something drastic just happened and i'm not sure how there would be a sequel...but i'm excited to find out. :)
[barnes & noble interview with marisa]
[borders interview with marisa]
did i mention that her book covers (especially love walked in and belong to me) are beautiful. there are covers that make you want to buy the book. they're so creative, to put it bluntly, and so lovely. :) ah, lovely.

p.s. talking about lovely, i promise i'll change my blog music soon.... i love that song by angus & julia stone, though!

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cristina said...

I've seen you mention this book before, I will have to check it out. and yes, I often judge a book by it's cover :)
I STILL love your music :)