Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the blog giveaway: commencement.

If you came over from my other place, kudos! And welcome:) This is my new abode for a while. Until Blogger gets its brain back.
This morning, I did the next step of my blog giveaway. (I know, I know…it’s about freaking time I work on that.)

Then I made Anna pick the name out of a bowl.
I was so excited once it was done… *laughs*
How pathetic am I?
Yay! It’s Brittney, from Andrew & Brittney.
So today I randomly decided to straighten my hair. If I can remember right, it’s been probably more than 6 months since I’ve done it last…..the red is fading fast, and I’m ordering the normal dark chestnut I’ve done before with low-lights…

Today we went to a relatively new little coffee shop.
Cute, quiet, sunny. Only $2.50 for a large americano. That’s pretty good.
So I got one iced, because today is pretty warm and it wasn’t cold in the shop.
Nice leather chairs, of course, and a few huge canvases painted with a scenic landscape ending with Alice in Wonderland, the non-scary version.
I purchased half-a-pound of whole bean Costa Rican roast…. Not sayin’ for what…..  ;) Well, fine. It’s for the giveaway, if you must know. :)
Well, now that that’s out in the open, I’m off to catch a nap. Or just read for a bit and wind down before getting ready for church tonight.

  • Kade says:
    Sweet. So you’re other blog isn’t working right?
    • beka says:
      Um, it’s the fact that Blogger won’t let me load pictures. At all. And presently, I’ve got a lot to post that includes pictures. :P
  • amy says:
    beka- i wish my hair looked that good straightened! my hair is super thick and i am in need of a serious hair cut/thinning out. ahh, love new coffee shops! :)
    what trouble were you having with blogger anyway?
  • Danielle says:
    Oooh what’s wrong w/blogger? I know one thing, I haven’t been getting notifications of comments. I wonder what else is going wrong.
    Anyway… I like it here :)
  • Brittney says:
    Awwwww :)
    BTW, if the only issue with blogger is the uploading-of-pictures, you can use photobucket which will give you an html code you can put into your posts so you can continue to blog with pictures. Just a thought… :)
  • jakofhearts says:
    I (heart) iced coffee. It’s the only way I can make it through the summer months =)
    And I don’t think you should just stay here until blogger is normal again. I think you should stay forever!

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