Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dinosaur food:)

How do you get a little boy (almost 3-in November)  to eat broccoli?
See? Cutie.
Anyhow, I was making broccoli-potato-curry for dinner. Chopping the broccoli to steam while the potatoes boiled.
He came up and looked interested in the broccoli.
Hmm. It’s worth a try, ya know?
Okay, so I coaxed him with “oooh, look! broccoli! yum, yum!!”
He took it.
Watching him chew, I grimaced. Are you kidding me? Broccoli alone is kind of icky.
So I encouraged him more: “hey, Danny, it’s dinosaur food! yum!!”
That was so lame.
Especially considering he liked it just as, and later I ate a few pieces –with caesar dressing.
He even came back a few time, asking for more.
Dang. :)

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CourtneyKeb said...

Um, that's VERY awesome!!!