Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mocha brownie cookies?? ;)

Dude, these were so not a fail.
I mean…the dough wasn’t.
The dough was, quite sincerely and unafraidly, amazing.
{You see…I’m not afraid of eggs, at least not where we get ‘em, and we’ve never had food poisoning from eggs before. Now…chicken alfredo reheated, that did us in once. Blech.}
Well, one thing I’d say is…add more flour when you make these.
Mine came out super-flat. As you can see. [ahem]
Maybe I had a bit too much butter, maybe it was too soft, especially when I put the not-totally-cooled-down coffee in?
Um…… yeah.

Sugar in the raw:) So good in coffee, if I’m in the mood for a bit of sweet. Which is rare. Dry ingredients. Too bad I was too lazy to get the Whisper Mill out and do more flour….And….Danny boy and me:)Cute little helper in the kitchen. Saying what everything was. Haha. :) I can’t believe he’s almost 3 in November. (sniff, sniff)
Let me know if/when you make these cookies! Heh heh:)

  • heather says:
    Those look amazing dear. And with coffee?? Yum :) Awww…Danny boy is sooo adorable. :)
  • Tia says:
    I’m one of those that IS out-of-their mind paranoid about getting salmonella from raw eggs. If I plan on doing any batter tasting, I either use flax, or I even went so far as to buy egg beaters specifically for baking, haha. Because really, the batter is the BEST PART. Who cares if they came out flat (probably too much butter, like you said?), if the batter was good, than its a win win win win win.
  • Christina says:
    Oh yummm! I am one who tries out the batter/dough before cooking too…haha You have to, just do!!
    I want to make those!

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Lindsay said...

i love my whisper mill!!