Friday, June 17, 2011

brother. sister. mac. fun.

for the pleasure and amusement . . .
here are a few photos ben and i took this afternoon for the heck of it.
 colored pencil ^^
 mirror ^^
 pop art. ^^ we look good as pop art. :)
 heat or something... ^^
 some sort of tunnel effect ^^
 inverted ^^ aka, film from a non-digital camera. ;)
 comic book ^^
colored pencil ^^
i wish my laptop had an awesome photo booth thang like a mac....                                
maybe someday i'll get one.
who knows.
once again, if i didn't get to reply to your individual comments by email, thank you all for your comments and condolences and love on my post yesterday about gram passing. ♥
i'm doing pretty good.
today was good.
it was last night --it being the first night; the end of that day-- that really got to me.
and i'm just so glad she lived a long, full life, and we got to make memories (good and bittersweet) with her.
that's all the thoughts for now:)
a picture i took yesterday late afternoon.


Natalie said...

lol! My sister and I are constantly playing with my mac's photo booth =D

chambanachik said...

Glad you're doing well. <3

Love the photos. You two are cute.

Alyssa Rae said...

*HUG* here is a hug for your heart

Jen said...

Haha you two are fuuuuny. :) I've never played with one of those, but I've seen pics from them and I would prolly be addicted. I want a mac too :)