Saturday, June 4, 2011

today. because i'm just that creative.

posted by the wife at newlywed's diaries. 
golly. the pictures are so good. reminds me of years ago, gram making banana bread. always perfectly risen, perfectly brown, perfectly moist. we'd smother the still-warm slices with butter and savor the melty flavors. 
talk about a craving:) 

skylar shared this on my wall today, saying I instantly thought about you, me, and all our memories. i loved it. i mean, why wouldn't i? go watch it.
speaking of which, thanks to a throat thing that tried to get me down, i haven't had coffee since thursday...but i brewed a bit for dad today because he's in the field and making hay a lot lately, so . . . i poured myself a cup. gosh, there's nothing better than that first sip for the first time in days. so i'm obsessed. don't make fun. :)

um, amazing. just what we all need to read. ♥
anyone ever heard of this show? it seems to be a pretty decent spy gig. which sounds fabulous to me.

a trailer for ya.

back to the present now, aye?
that pioneer woman pasta dish (basically egg noodle lasagna) reheats excellently.
in case you wanted to know. make two pans like i did and save one in the fridge for a muggy day like today when you don't want to have the oven on. get a skillet out and do that. 
this sweetie, eliyah, has been napping since around 11:20. it's 12:45 now...
let me just say this: you single-child parents are crazy. well, kind of. seeing as how i spent 8 hours a day thursday and friday nannying a 5yr old girl and 2 yr old boy, um, i definitely have to say two children is easier! having just one may be quieter or louder, depending on their mood, but at least with two they have a play mate. i'm sure only-children find ways to entertain themselves, but i have to say there's a pretty big contrast between having one or having two. 
/end odd rant.

she loves bubbles, so we blew bubbles. -mom took some pictures of both of us blowing bubbles, but they're on her camera, which is a canon, which has a cf card. :P i don't have a cord or a slot for cf's in my laptop. sheesh.
lyddie made these earrings. pretty darn cute, yes? buttons. i kinda liked the idea of buttons. and her face lights up when i wear her handiwork, so it's even better. :)

whoever thinks naps are dandy things, raise your hand.
*raises hand . . . facekeyboard*


Mrs. Bement said...

Ooh! Thanks, hun! I've been enjoying your pictures as well - those birth pics were amazing! What an experience that must have been!

Cristina said...

that was the best little movie ever! but now I want a nice cup of coffee and it's way too late .. oh well... I'll just have to wait until the morning.. yum, coffee!

Alyssa Rae said...

I splurged and got some coffee from the co-op today they usually make it oh so loverly!) I was excited because it was the first in a few days for me as well....but I was horribly let down. *sigh* and they gave me milk instead of soy....*sigh sigh*

And that is my sob story for today.