Thursday, June 9, 2011

search words and hand art.

so, back on june 1, a wednesday night, i drew this on my arm and hand.
just thought i'd randomly share it.
the day before, i'd gone to wildflower and talked with susan about the mural.
so...of course i was keeping my bird skills alive and going, and why not on my hand?
 i rather liked it on my hand. but i'm not sure what i would go for if i sprung for a tattoo . . .
not too bad, aye?
i was just reading one of my super old posts: hard work never hurt anyone.
we had salad with chicken, nuts, and this super-good thai peanut dressing.
we're obsessed with thai peanut stuff lately.
i tell you, i get addicted! there's cilantro and peanut butter and rice vinegar in this dressing. i'll have to get the recipe from anna and post it here soon:)
this is awesome, yes? vv

by the ink society.

now, i don't know about you, but i look on my site meter and see what people search and how they accidentally/on purpose land on my blog.
jenni's done it. she's written whole posts on the topic. it's hilarious. internet crazy.
so here are the ones from my account.

search keywords over this week:
hold on love blog   
cinnamon bread without yeast   
hey unlovely Underoath   
if guys were like girls quotes   
morris schwartz painter   
peanut sauce with siracha   
shauna niequist quotes
was the english or irish breakfast introduced first

search keywords over all time:
hold on love blog   
shauna niequist blog
shauna niequist quotes   
cinnamon bread without yeast   
civil war lasagna
panera bread
pink and purple sunrise
purple wingback chair

plus: someone from egypt searched the phrase:
everyone is jealous of me.
well at least for the most part the topics were normal things.
on the other hand, today i started a canvas . . . for a friend. :)
i love the feel of the brush in my hands, and if it's a good brush (not used by anyone who doesn't have the knowledge to handle it carefully, ahem, certain siblings), i love the strokes it makes with watered and strong paints alike.
onto white, or my chosen color. lovely contrasts and words and poetry.
a gift.
in many senses of the word.
i'm not taking too many pictures these days, which is a good thing i suppose, sometimes.
considering i was backing up photo folders the other day for hours, figuring out how to fit how many folders --or only one, on a crazy day like my birthday-- in a burned disc that only holds 696mb.
yeah, not that much room right there, considering i don't resize my photos anymore like i did with my little silver kodak easyshare.

i just found out that i've posted the peanut thai recipe twice.
oh well.
it's a good one. why not?
the reason is this: when i searched the recipe in my dashboard, with different key words, it never came up. :P
i have a thing for peanut sauce and sriracha...
thai peanut noodles.
someday i'll have to serve some of this stuff at my coffee shop. book shop. painting/art shop. food place!!! it's going to be love. and somehow it's going to happen......someday.


No Model Lady said...

I love your little bird! Birds make me happy:)

chambanachik said...

I would most definitely get a tattoo of your bird! Beautiful.

heart like mine said...

wow, lady. that bird is amazing! what a gorgeous tattoo that would be.

ha, i had to laugh out loud at "everyone is jealous of me." hey, i guess if it leads people to your blog, then you can't complain. ;)

i like you writing about the feel of the brush and the lovely.<3 makes me want to paint. :)

Anna said...

I am so impressed by your hand-drawn tattoo. Gorgeous!