Wednesday, June 29, 2011

just a note to you all . . .

i would suggest you to stay away from grabbing cookie sheets full of delicious cinnamon chip scones. especially if you have a brain spazz and forget you just took it out of the 425 degree oven a moment before.
you might end up like me, then, and we couldn't have that.

i don't suggest it.
in fact, it rather makes typing kind of difficult.
my index finger got the worst of the burn. too much contact. poor little finger.
i put some pure lavender essential oil on the burns, and band-aids too just to i wouldn't touch anything with my raw nerves. youch. i have expected my finger prints to be gone at least on two of the three fingertips, but then again, my imagination kind of took that from the book i just finished last night --er, this morning-- at 3:30am.
i know. i'm not too proud of it.
i can't remember the last time i stayed up that late --by myself, reading a freaking book.

i'm really pondering this.
perfect iced coffee. by the pioneer woman.

i'm thinking of making it, actually.
we just got 2-4lb of whole bean dark roast in from co-op, therefore i should try it, shouldn't i??
i'm so making that today.

yesterday --i'm writing this right before midnight, tuesday june 28, but i'll put it into perspective for ya-- i got some inspiration while doing the current chapter in this book. ^^

therefore, i sketched with a pen in my canvas-quote notebook.
a sneak peek of one i did on june 14.

latest search words leading to my blog according to stats:
"jack gram", funeral association
"my hair chopped" --which, by the way, i can't wait for; mid-july sometime. :) nearly everyday i find myself saying "i can't wait to chop my hair"... heh:)    
creepy restraunts
kristen leigh shade trees
shauna niequist love quotes
this is the stuff of life!

in other news [and this i type at 1:52pm today], i'm reading this book: the truth teller. anna found it at a buy-books-cheap place a few weeks ago, and even though it was after 12 when i got in bed last night, i had a hankering for a bit of reading . . . so i got to the middle of it --which, by the way, is unheard of considering my normal speed of reading, and this book is thick and heavy-- because i skipped all the creepy doctor/genetic parts. only because it was after midnight and i didn't feel in the mood to go through whole chapters of that stuff. there's just this really sweet, caring friendship in there . . . you'd skip the medical parts like i did, if you read it.
but just a sidenote, i have read the entire book once before, all the way through. so that's why i don't feel bad about skipping through. ;) it's truly a fascinating read.

fyi, the lavender is working its magic. i recommend lavender for burns. i'm typing nearly normal now. bandaids came off after the shower. yippee. :)

oh, and something that made me laugh as i glanced through the paper this morning: like, um, how cute is that? sending a tweet, it made the news.


Alyssa Rae said...

you and your fingers, woman. gollie gee

Natalie said...

totally make that iced coffee, and tell me if it's really worth it! =D

Dana B. said...

So sorry about the hand... Don't burns always hurt more than they look? And by the way, you have THE perfect face for short hair. Can't wait to see it! :D

the girl said...

Burns are THE WORST! Good thing you have that lavendur. I used to put St. Johns Wort on mine.. that was back in the day when I still lived at home and mom had all the herbs and potions haha.

That coffee looks divine. I saw that on her site too.. I so want to make it!

chambanachik said...

Hope your fingers are well soon. :)
Iced coffee sounds sooooo yummy tonight.

heart like mine said...

that iced coffee looks DIVINE. i can't stop staring at the pictures. if you decide to make it, you'll have to let me know how it turns out. :)

i hope your little fingers feel better!

by the way, that article about the pope? SO cute.

ladaisi said...

Your blog posts are so full of coffee I can't help loving them. They make me feel at home.

Cassandra said...

HA! The pope tweeting. That's hilarious.

PS: Sorry about your fingers.