Friday, June 3, 2011

sweet finds. oh, and birth. hah.

wednesday, may 25 2011, 4:45pm
when you've got a case of the wednesdays, like i have here today....just visit chelsea robbin's blog: us three birds.
she's got a "weekly surf" type of post that you can get useful, creative, funny stuff from.

i think my day's better already.
oh, and then this link, to a site about hot dads? um.......
anna and i so did not just browse it for the last 10 minutes.
nopity nope.

in other news:
au naturale: a collection of natural birth stories.
a hilarious post of tina fey's prayer for her daughter.
and he's out: by little words and pictures. that's a birth story with a gorgeous picture.
these are 35 on sale. usha capris, by punjammies. they're a pretty great place.
i usually go for less of an investment. hah.

no warrior escapes by his great strength. i love this post.
a branch bookshelf?
going to have ben make one for me someday! maybe for the coffee shop...hmmm... :)
the most beautiful nursery ever, at the house of turquoise.

this is a pretty cute story of a guy who hired a photographer for the day he proposed to his girlfriend.
a beautiful dining room with this turquoise piano? um, gram has a piano almost exactly like this, but sometime in its era it was painted/stained a dark rusty color. ew. it would look gorgeous either stripped, sanded and stained a natural color, or this. ahmygosh.
my modern metropolis: a super creative dad photographing his kids. this captures are amazing:)
the sweetest carnival maternity photoshoot.
this gorgeous and bright photoshoot of children.


jessicajane said...

Love the proposal story, and the babies putting up laundry photo!! hope you have a great weekend my dear!

Jonathan M said...

Love the branch bookshelf; your blogs are awesome btw!

chambanachik said...

Okay, seriously Beka.
How do you find this stuff?!

That proposal story was to die for.

heart like mine said...

that turquoise piano is GORGEOUS, in every sense of the word. oh my goodness, i can't stop looking at it.

and ha, i LOVE that picture of those kids with their laundry; awesome photography.

love how you share this stuff! :)

Paul Robinson said...

I'm going to make myself a branch bookshelf!

[Not sure how I got here -- given the URL I thought it might be philosophical! -- but nice work, in any case. If you ever make it to Ireland give me a shout and I'll show you the best bit, the Northern bit, haha!]