Thursday, June 30, 2011

my first cold brew experience.

actually, this is my second.
the first was at downhill coffee, with that lovely 16oz iced english toffee latte with extra cold brew because i don't take my coffee drinks very sweet at all.
that's besides the point, though.

a little over a cup of grounds for a little over 8 cups water.
never, ever, in my wildest dreams --the good ones and nightmares alike-- will i ever imagine myself to be a math person.
so, that confession aside, let me tell you that i think we may end up with an extra strong version of this iced coffee concentrate.
by my calculations.

and i'm not too shabby at kitchen math. nonetheless, you get my point that i'm an art brain, not a mathematics brain. just putting that out there;)
cooking, baking, etcetera.
but this had me confused for a while.
because i tend to be a detail person, and it's all or nothing for me: therefore, i think and rethink and rethunk this problem over and finally decided to err on the stronger-coffee side of the equation.
good, yes??

it's 10:59pm on wednesday night, and i just pushed the glass pyrex 8-cup to the back of the counter for tomorrow. :)
perfect iced coffee, according to the pioneer woman.
i get to wake up, shower, start some coffee brewing, and put a chicken on the stove to boil --all before 8. tell me that doesn't sound like a good start to the day. ;) especially if i stay up late reading like i have been known to do . . .
what's the chicken for? chicken curry with naan. which i have never posted the recipe of before. i'm quite excited; this being my first time making it. anna's made it before, with me prepping the garlic and ginger and... well, there's not a whole lot of complications to the recipe, thank God.
more writing and pictures on this tomorrow.
12:30pm, thursday
personally, [unless it's a steaming hot day outside and i'm out of the house] i don't prefer my coffee with ice in it. just saying. but i like this brew; i can tell it's smoother and all that jazz. no real bite to it when i sipped it black before refrigerating. good stuff:)
Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.
[Zora Neale Hurston]


LeAnna said...

I need to try her method, soon. However, my coconut coffee beans were out of stock last month and I can't seem to find them anywhere. POOEY.

Natalie said...

Yeah. Definitely need to try this... like soon. =)

chambanachik said...

Looks awesome!

Cassandra said...

You should make ice out of coffee so that when you put the cubes in, they don't water down the coffee as they melt. It's a trick I learned once. Very handy.