Sunday, June 19, 2011

what's new?

or should i say, what's old just for a moment here?
this has got to be one of my favorite "oldie" posts from the archives.
hmm. let's talk about something life-changing. something life-altering.

rain, kiss cake, and my sunday.
i love this post. and gram's smile in that picture.

. . . well, good; right around march last year, i finally got some sense in me for posting pictures....or should i say, posting them better than i had been.
whew. i thought it was going to be horrible editing for a whole lot longer than that.
see, this afternoon --starting at 3, and now currently it's 4:19-- i've been letting my ocd side take control.
i started the daunting task of starting at the oldest post . . . re-sizing the pictures. placing them better.
and, oh, taking out the three extra exclamation marks once in a while. ;)
what can i say? i'm grown up to be kind of particular.

and, in case you didn't see my link for this on facebook earlier . . .
i love the grammy moment in this post:
ahh, yes. morning. and tea in the afternoon. 

i'm in love with the beautiful sister moments like these, captured.
my cinema day.

another super-sweet day?
artistic endeavors: rachel's canvas.

and for the search words --leading to my blog-- this week:
"chopped my hair"   
from this valley the civil wars   
patch dress   
cinnamon chip scones buttermilk   
coffee hold times panera   
hillsong united camera concert   
love just to make you smile
shauna niequist pictures

. . . now, just so you know, searches can pull up even the most random posts with the key words found in the comments. :) like "chopped my hair". which...speaking of chopping hair...the jury's still out on that.
all this last week, i was nearly convinced i wanted to get a 'do like michelle williams' here:

but yesterday and today i've really been liking long hair.
maybe someday.
i don't know. i'm not usually this indecisive.

this was one of the cutest posts by chelsea ever.
this week.....
my favorite line?
"I can't believe we'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage this week. Yikes! I love that man."

today was a very good day.
i'll sum it up with this status i did around 2:30ish this afternoon [and the photos in the slide-show above]:

early breakfast of french toast and coffee...a great adventure of biking to church with the boys and rach for the first time (now they want to do it nearly every week. el oh el.) it was shorter than i expected. pretty fun. :) cold coffee and milk with Sanctuary while half the house naps. that'll come a bit later for me. hah. :)

this morning:)
p.s. another post that evokes very good memories and smiles for me:
someday, france: a sunday afternoon.
also, i noticed in my blogger stats that of all the pages at the top under the header, the peoples is practically the least visited. for your information, it's the list of people in my life daily. family, etc... so you know names to friends or relations. :) just putting that out there!


chambanachik said...

Most of my searches are just 'chambanachik' and 'chambanachik blog'. How dull. :/

Cassandra said...

I'm indecisive too. It's okay.