Saturday, June 11, 2011

wildflower ramble and cinnamon scones idea.

from now on i'm going to go to my blogger stats to laugh. or grimace.
how on earth would someone come to my blog by searching name things women love to hold??
like.....what the--!
oh. okay. it leads to this post: living with women. and other random things like pain.
i totally understand this one, though.
what is it like to live in washington state?
i haven't been there. but it makes sense, seeing as how i posted this: i feel like i live in washington state.

this morning i went to wildflower . . . after a while of discussing things, susan and i came to the conclusion that she just needs to hire a guy to prep the wall. make it workable. --but someone else, not us who have no history with spackled walls looking like crap and all that. :)
here's your peek at the place as it is right now . . .
and the story of how we got to talking about a mural:)
1. fravelicious.
2. ccrecipe.

3. pennies on a platter.

4. baking blondie.

5. kneading my dream.
. . . cinnamon chip scones. inspired by panera bread's.
i need to make these. and soon.
maybe tomorrow...before or after a nap. :)


the girl said...

Oh dear all of those scones look amazing. Good thing I don't like close to the wildflower!

heart like mine said...

that cafe is soo stinkin cute <3 i can't wait to see the finished product!

Cassandra said...

I freaking love scones!