Friday, June 10, 2011

priming a wall and receiving an award:]

natalie gave me an award....thanks a bunch, natalie! this shall be fun. ;)
and i'm supposed to write 10 things about myself. inevitably, these ten things are going to revolve a bit around my day --especially night.
and at the end, i shall hand it off to 3 sweet people.

1. i'm the best painter you could hire. i primed the wall at wildflower --the entire stretch. i got there around 9pm and ben took me home at 10 when i was done.

2. this is my first wall. as ben told me earlier in a spout of constructive criticism, he's a painter, i'm an artist. :P that oughta give you enough of a clue as to how everything turned out tonight. it was . . . an adventure. i just tried to act normal and confident (i mean, it's paint after all!) and susan didn't seem to mind as long as paint was being thrown, things were getting done, and the muralist was getting excited. ;)

3. i'm not strong enough. most of the time, for most situations, my strength is enough. but in this case, i could've used a pair of man arms to shake the brand new gallon can full of primer. can you say heavy? and, there was no room in that thing for the fluids to swirl around and mix? grrr.
4. ben said it looks half clear, but i beg to differ. hey, at least there's more than enough to paint a second coat. all shall be well! at least it looks better than what it did. ^^
for all i love to paint, i believe i just need more practice on this larger-scale stuff. i was knowledgeable enough to bring a drop cloth. but goodness, painting is an interesting experience. 
and . . . i'm going to remember my camera next time i go to wildflower! that way i can have good quality pictures of the progression, even though she was snapping some on her phone tonight.
5. my fingertips hurt and get calloused when i play guitar. or, should i say, when i practice guitar. ;)
sunday, we're doing this song at church. ^^

6. last year i was at 23 followers (it was mentioned in a really old post, el oh el) and i just want to say hi to all the new people and thank you all for spending time with me here.

7. i brewed coffee 4 times today. 3 of those times it was only up to the 4 or it's not that bad. ;) and i shared.

8. i love punchy moods that just sort of sneak up on you. doesn't everyone? well, lyddie was trying to tell me that the thing in her eye hurt earlier, when i called her a drama queen for the stare she gave me. and, trying to name her eyelashes, she called them eye hairs. hmmm. i told her eye hairs sounds kind of masculine; so girls have eyelashes, guys have eye hairs. heh. it looks awkward written down.

9. new brushes make me happy.

10. and here's a quote for you.
misery does not recognize choices. bravery does not recognizes difficulties.
now that i see it in the post, i'm thinking a canvas . . . 

for the 3 people:
what are you going to do this saturday?
i'm going to wake up early, brew some coffee, walk to wildflower, and put a second coat of primer on that wall.

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Natalie said...

Loved this Beka! Hope the mural goes well! And I don't know about you, but I had a hard time coming up with 10 new things about me =D