Friday, April 27, 2012

old journal-blog entry: missing you.

music of the moment: away we go: eisley.
the parents are gone to the restaurant of two weeks ago; coffee is brewing, i'm having a piece of pecan cheesecake for no reason, and i'm missing you.
[written and drafted:
6:45pm, friday december 9 2011]


Diana said...

i am so happy for you :)

God's timing is always perfect. Congratulations!

(your story, from what i've read,is encouraging to me. to wait. because God has it figured out. and it will be perfect.)

chambanachik said...

Aww. :)

ginanorma said...

ditto Awww...

how neat to go back to these, love it.

charla beth said...

aww, beka:)<3 so short, but so beautiful.