Tuesday, April 10, 2012

re: the proposal.

this is the ring.

this is "the boy".
[i love him.]

this is "the girl".

this is them together. [saturday, before walking to the new little coffee shop in town.]

oh, and this is him and little danny, reading stories saturday afternoon.
epically cute.
[danny is a boy who's part of our family; we've watched him since he was 10mos old and he's 4 now.]

it was a lovely friday afternoon. friday, april 6 to be exact.
justin was edging one of the walls at gram's with a lovely new golden shade, i was practicing a song on the acoustic guitar that we were going to sing together at church for the two services easter morning.

we drank echinacea tea.
comes with the territory of having throat/congestion issues in this lovely month of april. :P

rach browsed the internet and laughed at us. [because...you know...we're funny. and weird. and we're us.]

he painted.

we sang.
we teased.

we sang some more.
we laughed.

i complained about being hungry.
he told me to be patient.
i told him not to talk to me about being patient.
he gave me a look.
i laughed and gave up.

after a while, i realized we hadn't taken any pictures together yet.
so he came by my side, and i waited for him to stop fidgeting until i took the picture at arm's length.
i looked at the picture we just took.
noticed a strange little box in the corner.
i turned to him.
"what...was that?..."
he gave me a quirky, barely-innocent look.
"what was what?"
i looked around for his hand.
"you mean this?"
everything is a blur from this part on.
he spoke. he went down on one knee. he asked me to marry him. i couldn't stop smiling.

of course, later we joked to lyd that i said "no" and "whatever" but he still gave me the ring because he's just so kind and generous. we must've acted really well, because she gave us a shocked, disgusted look and wondered why he still gave it to me. haha.
there was nothing better i could've asked for; paint, laughter, tea, music, sunshine in the windows, my justin, and heck yes i was surprised.
pictures don't do the ring justice; i love everything about it. simple. sweet. freaking stunning in the sunshine. i still kind of can't believe that the talented, awesome, sweet, God-loving friend and boyfriend is now my fiance. i guess it'll seriously sink in when we actually start planning hardcore...or hopefully before that.
i just feel so darn blessed.

there's not a whole lot of people you can really be yourself around and be not only accepted and loved but held dear because of it all. not really, sincerely, truly. you know how it is. i'm blessed that he is one of those people. one of those people who are my heart. one of those people you are just so astonished at God for putting them into your life.

...so yeah.
my best friend and i; we're now engaged to be married someday in the next 50 years. el oh el. 
as for a date being set, not yet. we'll let you know when we do. ;)
your prayers would be much appreciated, very cherished.

[p.s. i'm eating easter chocolate to comfort myself because i cannot do that friday justice with this post, not ever. :P so i hope you enjoyed it....and i'll be posting sometime about random life stuff again soon. :) because, you know, life is good.]


Alana said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is such a cute way to propose! Love it.

ladaisi said...

So happy for you darling! Don't let anything take this happiness away - not a minute of life, even at its hardest! Love ya.

CourtneyKeb said...

Incredibly sweet, prayers for a rich new journey for you two, and a very hearty Congratulations!

chambanachik said...

Oh Beka, congratulations! What a beautiful ring, and a beautiful story. So happy for you.

Bethany said...

!!!! I'm so thrilled for you, dear, and that's an adorable proposal. If I know you at all, you guys are going to have the best time planning your wedding and your life together. Congratulations!!

ginanorma said...

Oh my!!! CONGRATULATIONS BEKA, AND JUSTIN I am SO happy and over the moon for you both! They say, whoever "they" are to marry your BFF, so you are off to a great start I think!!!
Cutest story EVER! yay!!!

Moriah said...

Congrats Becka!!!!!!!
You both seem so perfect for each other:)

Marisa Hopkins said...

OH THIS MADE ME SMILE!! Congratulations to you both!!!

Oh Mandie said...

Congratulations, friend :) Lots or prayers for you guys on your journey to marriage!

LeAnna said...

OH EM GEEEEEEE!!!! SO sweet! SO happy! SO YAY! Congrats, you two. :)

{Amy} said...

congratulations!! so exciting, happy, happy news indeed.

Samantha said...

Oh how adorable! Very pretty ring! I am so happy for you guys!

Dana B. said...

Best. Proposal. Ever.

Sweet and unexpected - my FAVORITE!!! :)

Very happy for you, he seems like a very nice young man ;) Can't wait for what's to come for the two of you!

vintch said...

what a thoughtful way to propose. what a keeper! of course, he's got QUITE the keeper too:) sounds like a wonderful, peaceful day, and so YOU. congrats sweet friend!!

Hanna said...

I don't think there is a better way for someone to propose to you! How perfect! He is so great for you!
I cannot wait to see the unfolding of the beautiful life you will have together!

Natalie said...

OMGOSH! I still can't believe it! Love the ring and engagement story dear! Best wishes with the wedding planning as well! But I have to ask, after the two of you are hitched where are you going to live?

Stephanie said...

Yay!! Congratulations!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats!! Beautiful band, and I love all your pictures!

charla beth said...

oh beka<3 i'm so glad you shared this! i was hoping you would:)

what a sweet and original way to propose! and the ring. it's sweet and dainty and so perfectly beka.

just from the pictures--you singing, him painting--you both seem completely at peace and at home and in love with each other. i can't think of anything that's better than that.

i wish i could say how happy i am for you, but no words could possibly do it justice. either way, i will say that i'm ecstatic for you, my dear. you deserve the best. i wish you and justin all the magic and romance and happiness in the world. here's to today and tomorrow and many, many years to come<3

charla beth said...

p.s. your hair looks darling clipped back like that:)

p.p.s. just listed to that kari jobe song...oh my<3 be still my heart. i would love to hear you sing it...maybe a youtube video one day?:)

Christina said...

awwww I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!! :D The way he snuck the ring box into the photo was brilliant!!