Wednesday, April 4, 2012

my tuesday. [last week.]

last night we went swing dancing, i had a sore throat, woke up my favorite person with a phonecall because he worked overtime today, i slept in, have been drinking echinacea tea and going from hot to chilly back to warm . . .
so i decided to blog one of my drafts. lucky you guys! ;)
this was last tuesday.
cold tangerines, shauna niequist.
the lilac bush in our backyard; not yet bloomed fully.
me and danny, the little half-naked chef [lol, what a spin on the original;)] made stuffed shells.
the marinara sauce, ground beef, ricotta, simple mozzarella cheesy kind. :)
it was a good day.


Alyssa Lentsch said...

Oh waiting. I am not so fond of this waiting thing. He and I don't get along...

Christina said...

Pretty earrings!
Yeah, that waiting thing can be hard! It always seems to be around in one form or another. I had to wait a lot to be with my husband(he had been in India and we had to go through the immigration thing that took awhile), then after that you wait for something else! We waited to move, now waiting to hopefully be pregnant soon! ;)