Saturday, April 14, 2012

i just love bruises.

why the title? because. this move, although challenging and super fun to execute and practice, hurts the next day. or two. or three. as you can imagine. heh:)
so, since the place where normal thursday night swing dancing has switched ownership and the swing dancing is discontinued there until further notice... {sad face} ...we went to martha's house the other night. to dance and learn/practice new moves found via youtube.
it was grand. :)
so...we saw this ^^ video in the sidebar thursday night.
watched it.
and ben and i attempted it.

here's my personal favorite out of the recorded painful practices, for your viewing pleasure. lol
momentum means a lot. heh.
and....finally a good one! had to work on keeping my legs straight and together.
otherwise, here's the froggy throw.
a little easier than the windmill, you can imagine. ;)
and, finally, ben and martha:
[learn. to. dance.
it's the best thing ever. :)]


The Babiak Family said...

Dancing with brothers is the best!!! Especially when they can dance like that!

That looks so fun...*sigh* Someday...

chambanachik said...

So cute.

charla beth said...

that second video made me smile so much:) you are adorable.